“The magic of the pillowcases had my children asleep and dreaming of the wonderful surprises in record time. My five year old woke up Christmas morning saying it works!”
-Leslie Williams

“My children recieved your Christmas pillowcases this year from mom, Julie Stewert. I just wanted to tell you how much they loved them. Even my thirteen year old! He slept with it on his bed long after Christmas. If I didn’t think it needed to be washed it would probably still be there. My 3 year old was so thrilled with his that he wouldn’t sleep with it under his head. He insisted it went on another pillow to go at the end of his bed so he could look at it. They all were very excited by them and are looking forward to using them next year!”
– Susan Kelsey

“I have never been able to buy a gift for my grandchildren that everybody would like. That is, until i bought them a Magic Pillowcase. They range in age from newborn to 18 years old and they all love the “magic” of these cases.”
-Brenda Pass

“I have a 7 year old daughter that said the pillowcase couldn’t have magic. Christmas morning she changed her mind and said it did have magic and she went to sleep quickly. It took me three days to finally get the pillowcase back to wash and put up for next Christmas eve!”
-C. Goolsby