Who Else Wants to Create the Most Magical and Memorable Christmas Experience That a Child Will Ever Have?

Give Your Child Something Extra Special to Look Forward to and Create a Magical Christmas Tradition They Will Never Forget!


When my children were young, it was impossible to get them in bed on Christmas Eve! They were so excited about  ripping open all of their presents that I simply never could get them to go to sleep.


Then one year, I got creative…

We gave each of our children a special Christmas Eve pillow case. We told them that it was a magic pillowcase that would help them fall asleep on Christmas Eve! They would only get to sleep on their

Magic Pillowcase on  that one very special night every year.

They Loved It!

And it worked, too! My children were actually looking forward to going to bed! I didn’t realize how special this tradition was, but it became something that we all looked forward to every year on Christmas Eve. My children are grown now, but they always tell me that sleeping on their Magic Pillowcase every year is their best childhood Christmas memory.

“The magic of these pillowcases is that my children were asleep and dreaming of the wonderful surprises of the morning in record time. My five year old woke up Christmas morning saying it works!”

–Leslie Williams
Murfreesboro, TN

Now YOU can get a Magic Pillowcase® and make this the most magical Christmas ever!

This is the original Mistletoe Traditions® Magic Christmas Eve Pillowcase®. Our pillowcase is manufactured in limited production runs, and we personally take care that each pillowcase meets our strict quality standards. Most of our pillowcases are sold exclusively at specialty Christmas shops in 3 countries and 22 states of the United States.

“My children recieved your Christmas pillowcases this year from grandma, Julie Stewert. I just wanted to tell you how much they loved them. Even my thirteen year old! He slept with it on his bed long after Christmas. If I didn’t think it needed to be washed it would probably still be there. My 3 year old was so thrilled with his that he wouldn’t sleep with it under his head. He insisted it went on another pillow to go at the end of his bed so he could look at it. They all were very excited by them and are looking forward to using them next year!”

–Susan Kelsey
Marietta, Georgia

The Magic Pillowcase is designed to:

  • Give your favorite children warm Christmas memories
  • Get everybody to bed early this year
  • Create a special family Christmas tradition
  • Give a gift that keeps giving year after year!
  • Make your children look forward to Christmas more than ever before
  • Make this the most magical Christmas ever!

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